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Spicy Tamarind Hot Sauce Enhance the flavors of your favorite delicacies with this rich blend. Enjoy over fish, chicken and lamb. Drizzle over rice.  Here’s how to cook grill chicken wings with Tamarind Hot Sauce as your main seasoning. 1.Soak and wash  chicken wings in distilled water and salt, rinse well with water and strain, 2. add 5 table spoons of Tamarind Hot Sauce - this amount is different for everyone, and it totally depends on how much chicken and how much hot sauce you want to add to your dish. 3. Add some olive oil for moisture and tenderness,...

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You can customize your gift baskets upon request. Send us a message if you are interested in a gift basket for your loved ones. We’ll work closely with you to get you the perfect gifts. Get up to five different flavors of hot sauce and have an option to add 2 packs of nuts as well. For more information about gift baskets, text us at 917-715-9218 or send us a private message via Facebook or Instagram at Aisha’s Gourmet Foods. 

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